“It’s mental how boys don’t talk”

Two teenagers, best mates, at a Premier League Youth Football Academy each striving towards the big time, both hoping to secure their dream. What do they need to sacrifice to get there? They live and breathe football, it’s on their hearts, on their minds – nothing else. With pressure coming from all sides – their Coach, their Sports Psychologist – who can they turn to when the ball drops, when that soul dream gets snatched from them? What if they believe there is no one to turn to?


From Sketty Theatre, a critically-acclaimed ground breaking company, comes a fresh new take on the beautiful game and everything ugly within it. Using spectacular physical theatre and movement, by award-nominated choreographer Fionn Cox-Davies, ‘Result’ offers an evocative examination of mental health, friendship and masculinity in a world where it’s seen as weak to admit ‘I’m struggling’.


A brilliant idea… An important play.” Gary Lineker

Moments of astonishing beauty”  The Times

Impressed, moved, and completely hooked. Tightly written, directed, and performed. Terrific.” The Observer


Creative Team

Co-Directors & Writers: Toby Clarke & Alex Clarke;
Lighting Designer: Pablo Fernandez Baz;
Composer: Rupert Cross
Movement Director: Fionn Cox-Davies
Original Cast
Stokey: Paul Adeyefa
Ichiro: Jules Chan
Carl: Cameron Jack
Mark: Richard James-Clarke
Titch: Joel Phillimore
Devs: Liam Steward George
Ashley: Zephryn Taitte
David: Leon Tennant
Naomi: Christine Victoria During

Show History

Back in 2015, the project was awarded the Charlie Hartill fund ( and the full production was staged on the main stage of the Pleasance London for  four weeks in April to critical-acclaim. The show was also awarded Arts Council funding for a 2 week research and development period in October 2014 and received a grant from the Peggy Ramsay Foundation in support of the script development.

Please click here for a recent interview we had on mental health, football and theatre and on Arise News


Show Future

Since its 2015 run, RESULT, is now being produced by Ramin Sabi (Gypsy, Savoy Theatre) and a national Autumn 2016 tour is being managed by Sell a Door (Avenue Q, History Boys). We are still keen to hear from other venues, schools, colleges and football stadiums.

We would like to hear from funding bodies and sponsors willing to support this exciting new tour for a company which has already made its mark on the theatrical landscape. To find out how you can support the show, please click  Support Us.

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