Imogen – Edinburgh Fringe and national tour 2005-2006

Imogen follows the emotional torment of Leonardo, a father whose life has been crushed by the untimely death of his eight year old daughter. His effected mind resurrects his child (played by a puppet) in a desperate attempt to avoid facing up to his now rootless existence. The piece encompasses loss, pain and hope shown through a powerful combination of puppetry, physical and visual theatre.

Time Out Critics Choice

Nominated: Writers’ Guild Of Great Britain Award.

“Imogen is as charming and emotionally potent a new play as I ever recall finding on the Fringe” TIME OUT

“At the heart of Imogen is a poignant study of love, grief, escapism and recovery.” THE SCOTSMAN

“This is just the kind of little show that you discover on the fringe and which makes the whole Edinburgh experience worthwhile. “ THE GUARDIAN

“With the fewest of props and huge amounts of imagination, Sketty has created an infinitely touching piece, quite beautifully performed.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“This is a lovely night of theatre; measured, intelligently presented and very moving.” THE LIST



Feral – New Wimbledon Theatre Studio 2009

“I just need to be a cat. So as I’m not Matthew. No more.”

A touching play about a young man’s isolation through Asperger’s.  Combining gripping text, puppetry and movement, Feral is a story of solitude and strength.

“With its disconcerting washes of sound, intentionally stilted pauses, black humour and grungy puppet depiction, Feral creates a discombobulated little world” TIME OUT

“A powerfully simple tale of isolation and human longing for escape” WIMBLEDON GUARDIAN

“Intense and dark, funny and moving, dangerous and probing” BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

“it is poignant, lyrical, touchingly funny and conveys a heart-warming sense of vulnerability.” EXTRA! EXTRA!

“Clarke has drawn moving performances from Clarke and Machancoses, and puppeteer Lowri James interacts convincingly with Matthew, to portray a difficult subject with dignity and understanding.” WORLD TO WIN



Tom’s – Blue Elephant Theatre 2010

“On April 3rd I fell. My neck cracked so I just kept falling. And when gravity abandoned me, Ellen didn’t.”

Fusing their trademark physical style and original puppetry to capture the reality of paralysis and following two critically-acclaimed shows, Sketty return with a real life drama where devotion overcomes impossibility.

“Tom’s could be seen on one level as a moving portrait of one person’s struggle against disability, but the exciting and incisive creative direction on this show indicates that Sketty are a company to watch” EXTRA! EXTRA!

“Tom is a gripping production – captivating, frustrating at times, somewhat thought-provoking, overall compelling. And…Brave” REMOTEGOAT

“For a young company exploring the complex physical and mental affects of paralysis upon a young man, Sketty Productions’s conceptual approach to this story is wonderful. It is clear that in the next few years, Alex and Toby Clarke of Sketty Productions will be a company to watch out for.” A YOUNGER THEATRE